H1-B Visa Stamping -2nd time


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My friend is going for her visa stamp(2nd time) next month to Mumbai. I had a few questions

1. The 1st time(Oct 2008), she went to Vancouver and was subjected to admin processing (visa mantis cleared after 2months). What are the chances that she will been subjected to admin processing again? (she is a full-time employee with the same job profile; her company was bought by another company from the last time she went to Vancouver)

-- any 1st hand experience???

2. Any good hotels that people can name near the Mumbai Consulate?

replies are highly appreciated

thanks in advance

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If your friend has gone through the visa mantis check once, chances are that she will have to go through that again. She probably works in a field that is deemed sensitive by the US gov and since her line of work hasnt changed, she may have to go through additional checks again. I hope that is not the case as two months is a long time but please consider all facts before making travel plans.

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@Chitown01 & @mirage09--thanks for your replies.

@Chitown01- she was and is a FT employee with a legit company (what I mean to say is, anyone can get a 221g, no offense meant)

@mirage09- was wondering if your reply was an experience or someone you know that went thru the situation??

@everyone else- any inputs is highly appreciated

once again, thanks in advance

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