Issue with address in G-325A Form in 485 submission process

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Hello Friends,

I got my priority date in Feb-01-2012 for employment based green card.

I have some confusion regarding the Form G-325 A (Biographic Information) in I -485 filling process. In G-325A form, I have to mention last five years address in US.

I have some question regarding the same. I just want to know what is the purpose of the last five years of address in USA?

Actually before I joined to my current employer I worked on H1 with other company “XYZ” only 2 months (March-Apr-2008) in Meadow field ct, Fairfax, VA. I got a paystub with same address for 2 months but after the year end (Dec-2008) i got w2 with different address “Park Circle, Herndon VA 20171” which is my employer friend address.

Please let me know at what address I have to mention in G-325A, should I mention “Fairfax,VA” address which I actually lived OR should I mention “Herndon,VA” address” which is my employer mention in my W2 form. I have to give this w2 form along with G-325A form.

Will USCIS check all my address history last five years in US?

If I put “Herndon,VA” address in G-325A so it would be match with my w2 address but actually I was not living there.

If I put ”Farfax,VA” address in G-325A so it is different from my w2 form address. Will it create any problem in 485 approvals?

Please help me out in this situation.

Thanks you in Advance



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The bio information is used for a backgroupnd check. To contact local FBI to see whethere you were involved in something - that kind of stuff.

You need to put addresses where you physically lived. W2s are not really needed for I-485, either. Especially, from 5 years back.

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