New H1 Transfer Time Frame


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I was on L1-B & I have got my H1 sponsored being in the US & started working on H1 B Starting Jan 2012, which was sponsored from Company A........

Now I have a good offer from Company B which is willing to transfer my H1 Visa,

Can you please let me know what is the ideal time frame to initiate the transfer is; also will this have a bad impact on USCIS inquire when I go for H1 stamping while re entering the US.


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There is no ideal time frame and technically there is no such thing as transfer. Your new employer can file a cap-exempt petition for you at any time and you can join them after they receive a receipt. (Although joining after approval is recommended). They will need a copy of the previous approval notice and proof of H1 status such as paystubs.

You can apply for a Visa using your then employer's petition whenever you leave the US.

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I did transfer with 2 pay checks , My 2 H1Bs are premium processing. First one at CSC and H1B transfer at VSC.

I got H1B on -Nov 2011

Joined new employer on -- Dec 2011

Applied Transfer for one more new employer on - Jan 05,2012

Receipt Date - Jan 07,2012

RFE date --- Jan 18,2012

RFE response -- Jan 18,2012

H1B approved --- Jan 26,2012, At 1 AM EST.

As long as u on status you can apply for h1B transfer, My attorney told one pay check is sufficient to transfer the H1B.

But pls review your h1B documentation properly , I received RFE on company fiance results and Company business.

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