H1B visa transfer RFE-- Did the amendment visa and got RFE for the same provided the first case RFE is not answered


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  1. I was working for Company A from May 2010 to July 2011 (April 2011 to June 2011 was on vacation to india -- 3 months unpaid vacation).
  2. Reached USA back in July 2nd 2011.Applied for H1B extension & transfer to company B on JUL 2011.Got my LCA approved in 1 week and H1B receipt notice came on last week of JUL.
  3. Started working for Company B from July 25th 2011.
  4. My H1B expired on October 2011 , while my H1B Extension & transfer case was still pending (step 2).
  5. The client place was Philadelphia (through company B) and after I was given 2 weeks termination notice in the new project we rushed on to apply for premium H1B process. We then got the RFE asking for the client letter. Did not respond to this RFE since I was about to join the new client in kansas.
  6. Applied for a new visa Amendment for the new client in premium in November 2011 and started working for the new client in kansas from November 2011. Got RFE requesting for Iternary of service document for the vendor. Submited the requested document asked by USCIS.
  7. Got the second response for the amendment telling they cannot consider the amendment because the first case's RFE was not replied. But the amendment money of 3500$ was accepted by the USCIS. My company is going to reply for the first case's RFE telling the client was changed and provide the first client's letter + new client letters.
  8. What is the possibility of my visa approval. I am in status with the present employer and have all pay stubs up to date.
  9. How can I get out of this uncertain situation ?
  10. Can I switch employer’s now ?



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