EB3 to EB2 porting


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How did do interfiling , did you or your attorney send letter ?

When you file for new EB2 I140, include the details of the EB3 approved I140 and 485 receipt notices...the EB2 I140 approval notice will show the old PD. I also called and talked to second level support who verified that my new I140 details were put on my pending 485 file. This automatically happens when you specify the A number during EB2 I140 filing.

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It is my attorney, also Shurap1 does the 60 day count from the SR response date or from the EB2 140 approval date.?

SR response date. BTW don't even bother to call them because they will tell you that SR response was sent that stated to wait for 90 more days and you can call us only after 90 days are passed. Most likely it will get approved automatically. Don't worry.

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