Quitting H1B before husband's GC approval


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This is my scenario and I was wondering if someone could provide some reliable advice.

I am currently on H1-B visa with company A. My previous company (Company B) had filed for my GC and I have I-140 approval for that.

Mean while my husband's (who was also on H1-B and had I-140 approval ) priority date became current ,so he added me as spouse in his employment based application.

We both applied for 485, 765 and 131 about a month ago(completed the medical and everything was normal) , and now we have the receipt of notice that USCIS has recived our application . My Alien number is the one that was my Company B's I-140 approval.

And in 485 application my status is H1-B status.

Our biometrics have not been completed yet.

My current situation is that I have a lot of stress at work and if possible want to take a break in my career ( and concentrate on my health and planning for a family ) .

Can I quit my job once we get our EAD approval ? Or do I have to wait till we get our green card ?

Can I sit at home and not be working once we get our EAD approval ,or will be out of status ?

Will I have to keep working even after we get EAD approval until we get our Green card.

Do I have to apply for H4 status ( since my husband is on H1-B ? ) , or I cannot change my status from H1 -H4 since 485 is basically adjustment of status.

I tried reading a lot of forums, but my scenario seems to be really unique ,so it would be great if I can get some advice.

Thank you !

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