Please advice me.


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Hi Guys,

I graduated (M.S) in Dec'2008 but I have H1 approved from Oct'2008 (I did not take OPT, applied H1 in general quota). I was with the desi company till Sep'10. I have W2 from that company with very less amount than LCA.

I transferred H1 to US company as full time employee in Sep'10 and I have proper W2 from the new company.

Which is the better place for getting stamped from F1 to H1, India or Canaada?

Please advice me.



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kumar, i too was in similar situation close to , with a missing initial year W2, i also saw ppl getting 221g even in canada, so took call to go india, just in case if anything unexpected processing issues comes up ,atelast we can have some time to spent in Inida , if u r strck in canada,,,,it will eb a differnet story, so think abt it take ur call

obviously everyone has their own experiences, good luck

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I have got 221g in ottawa this week ans also i know lot of people who got 221g's only for EVC and EC. But i have not seen any one on fulltime had issues recently. The biggest advantage you have is having a fulltime with US company.Have some valid reason about the wages in the past but most probably you will not questioned on the wages.My friend was exactly same case as yours but did not had any issues in canada as they only focussed on fulltime employement.

So the bottom line is you have very less risk and it is your call to come to canada or india. If at all you are coming to canada,make sure you have work from home so that you can work in case if there are any delays otherwise i suggest going to india when u are ready for vacation. In india book the date immediately after you land so that in case of delays you will be any how staying for couple of weeks in india so you wont loose anything.

Good Luck .

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I agree to Krish13, but even for a guy on a fulltime employement with a US company may exprience some delays. You may not get a 221g, but it may take couple of days to weeks. This is what happened in my case, I had my interview on Jan 20th, and I was told that my visa got approved but till now (it has been a week) I haven't got any updates. On the other hand my friend who was on EVVC got his visa approved and got his pp.

What I am thinking is, if you are the first employee of that company to visit overseas for some visa stamping chances are that USCIS may not have had ur employer info. on their system, and so adds up to the delay ... or may be PIMS verification might have not happened, and so on ....

Its a wild guess I may be wrong but makes sense, any thoughts ? ..

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Try Vancouver in case if you decided to come to canada.Check your employer history is ok. Do your home work i mean focus on other cases which are not sucessful. We only focussed on sucessful cases in Ottawa and now we are stuck with 221g's.

The more 221g's cases in forum the more info for other guys . Hopefully every one will post thier stamping info .

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