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I'm on H1b with Part time Job, working (26hrs) weekly. I have few questions regarding going on full time job.

do I have to go through entire H1b process from lawyers again or we can just update the LCA?

My current position is Systems administrator & I get about $45/hourly. Now when I go full time with my same company, my pay is actually lower with different title. would it matter?

How about If I decide to change my company for full time job in new company, how would the process work.

People at my current company doesn't know about all H1b process, I'm the first one only.

any help would help.

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Your case requires H1 amendment because:

1. Your job will be full time and no longer be part time.

2. Your job Title is changing and so is your salary.

There is a material change in terms of your employment.

Your employer should apply for amendment i.e like going thru the entire process all over again. Updating LCA will Not Work.

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