How to follow up on I-140 app with USCIS?


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Hi Experts:

I'm still wondering what are the possible ways to follow up with USCIS to know the actual processing status after pending I-140 application for more than 6 months especially when processing time was displayed as 4 months in USCIS website.

I know that employee cannot contact them directly. As far I know that attorney/employer can write a letter to USCIS or make a phone call. What if they didn't respond to the letter sent by attorney or employer. Is there any other method? Any response would be appreciated.



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Question to Murthy Attorney:

Good afternoon. Can we get info-pass to know the actual status of I-140 application which is pending more than 6 months?

I came to know that attorney can write a letter to USCIS and wait for 45 days to get some response from NSCS . If we didn't get any response from them, can we get infopass?

Thanks and regards,


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