Successful H1B stamping at Tijuana


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I wanted to share my H1B stamping experience at Tijuana. I attended visa interview last week. I arrived in Tijuana on same day as my ASC appointment.

I work for a large CPG company in a full time position in a non-IT field. I had my MS degree from US.

My interview went very smooth. Visa officer did not see a single document. He asked me questions about my company, what we do, what is my role & details, which location I work, who is my manager, director, whether they work directly for the company, how long I have been working in this role, where did I go for initial stamping. While I was answering questions, VO was typing and checking something for the entire time.

After this, VO asked me to wait for couple of minutes and he went to check something. After he came back, he said my visa is approved and asked me to collect the passport tomorrow.

I picked up my passport on next day at the consulate at 2pm and had new i-94 at the border.

Thank you!

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hi ,

Can you let me know step by step procedure to get stamping mexico tijuana. I am planning to go there in april 2012.

I got the mexican visitor visa today .

I m planning to fly to San diego , drive to border and walk from there .

Do I have to stay in mexico for a day to get visa done ?

Please help me

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