L1-H1 while in US with fresh quota


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This is my visit to US.

I am working on L1 Visa for company A. Company B is sponsoring H1b for fresh quota which starts from 1st APR 2012.If it is approved in Jun 2012, will my L1 visa Void immediately?According to the information I had in this forum one is not eligible to work on H1b before 1st OCT 2012.If so how to stay in US from Jun to Oct 2012.What is the best approach?

Thanks in advance.


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1. When company b applies for your h1b, they will file for Change for Status, and that will go into affect on Oct 1, 2012. i.e. on 1st Oct 2012 you will be on h1 and your l1 would be void.

2. Yes, no matter when your h1 b gets approved, you cannot start working before 1st oct 2012.

3. You will be on L1 till 1st oct 2012

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