I485 filing with LNU "last name unknown"


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My wife passport has only Given Name printed and her Surname is blank and her H4 visa had FNU on her given name and surname has her full name.

She has two names but they have been printed as the Given Name in her passport its like that in her birth certificate, marriage certificate etc so she doesnt really have a last name, i am in a situation where we recently got married and the priority dates are current and we have to apply for I 485 and our lawyers have mentioned that they will match her application to match her passort name what that means is her complete name would be mentioned in the first name (given name ) field and in her last name they would print "LNU" last name unknown.

My concern is her EAD and GC will have LNU printed will that cause problems in general in her I-485, EAD/AP application...?

2. when she travels at port of entry

3. when she applies for social security.

Please let me know.


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