successful visa stamping in vancouver on 20th jan(EVC, F1-H1)


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Hi all,

first of all thanks to murthy forums for all your experiences and support which really helped me.

I got my H1b visa stamped on friday Jan H1

EVC Model..

here is my exp..

VO: Hi how are you?

me: fine, how abt you?

VO: Good, thank you.

VO: Is this your first H1B?

me: Yes

VO: WHo do you work with?


VO:Which school did u go to?

me: xxxx

VO:do you work at client location?

me: yes

VO: Where?


VO: How long have you been working for the client?

me: xxx

VO: How often do you report to your employer?


after this he was typing something in his sys, and for about 3-4min he was constantly lookin into the monitor without askin anything...i became nervous as i thought he found some issues with employer history...after abt 5min he said there are some wage issues between assignments with your employer..

VO: Does your employer pay your wages on time?

me: yes, i have no prob with my empployer(which is true) as i was abt to show my paystubs he said..

VO: your visa is approved.. and you may collect your PP in 3-5 business days and handed me the tracking info material..

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@h1breject: u can tell him tht you submit weekly status reports to empployer and get them approved, and once every month or two ur supervisor, u and employer will have a confernece cal and you update your tasks and develiverables and get new tasks from employer which will be monitored by client supervisor..

no other docs were asked expect for DS confirmation, PP, 1797.

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