H1B stamping ...Merida, mexico


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PIMS data is petition information management service. Normally when your H1b got approved attorney updates PIMS database. For safer side before you go for visa interview let your employer know and they will update PIMS database 5 business days prior to your visa appointment. Your employer will need your visa appointment letter to update PIMS database.

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I am going to merida, mexico for my H1B stamping. I work in EVC model but the problem is my client doesnt give the client letter.

Will i face any problems...what are the chances....

Did any one go o merida recently...pls share it..


Did you go for stamping to Merida? I am also in the same situation I don't have a client letter and planning to go to Merida for stamping. How long does it take in Merida for stamping like will they give the passport the same day?

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