h4- 221g yellow form mumbai consulate on 19th jan


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Hi All,

Please help me ...

I was in US for past 5 years ...

I entered US on H-4 visa ...

then converted to F1 visa and

after my masters I got h1b in Jan 2011.

I went in dec 2011 for stamping in Mumbai India ... and got 221g for my h1b ... I submitted the documents and waited 4 weeks...

but since my daughter is small , we decided to file h4 visa application .. so filed in DS-160 form and applied for new h4 visa ..

However the visa officer handed me Yellow 221g slip

stating that

I need to submit

1> I-797A for h-4 and my passport to VFS

can anyone please tell me how can I get I-797A for H-4

my husband has it for his h1b ....

is someone sailing in same boat .... help appreciated from

bottom of my heart.



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Generally you will get a I797A when you apply for CoS or extension of your H4.

There is some confusion over here. Since you had a valid I797 of your husband, you are eligible for H4 visa.

I think is better to contact any attorney.

There are muthy attorney people in chennai. We contacted them for my wife visa issues. They will give you some advice on this.

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