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I recently got H1B stamped on my passport from Chennai office. A week later, I got a call from VFS asking me to send back the passport. No reason or case number was given.

I have sent back the passport but there has been no update. VFS office refuses to give a reason for the recall or expected date of return of the passport. I am totally clueless about this. Can anyone help me understand the situation?

Additional Info.

1. I lost the original passport to which the I94 was attached. Hence, the passport that was stamped was a new passport. The person in charge accepted this and I got the H1B stamped.

2. I had a L1 visa application rejected 2 years ago. However, this was mentioned in my initial application and I94 was issued with this information known.

3. I was not issued 221G or any other slip by the consulate.

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