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My F1- OPT ends on feb 15th 2012. My husband is on H1b, his H1 expires on 9/30/12. His company will be filing for H1 extension in April 2012.

I would like to apply for my H4 visa before my OPT ends.

My question is- if I apply for H4 now, & the approval notice doesn't comes until april 2012,

does his company has to file for my H4 extension simultaneously? or we have to wait until we get my H4 visa approval & then re apply for H4 extension after my husbands H1 extension is approved?

Also while applying for H4 VISA: Is e filing better or sending mail?

Thanks for your help & time.

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USCIS should receive Your Change of Status application from F1 to H4 before your OPT expires, put the start date for h4 of the next day after the OPT expires.....As long as your COS is pending with USCIS, you are good.

When the company files for your husbands h1b extension, they should also include your i.e. Dependents information as well . they can submit the recepit # for your COS application.

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