H1B Extension CA center premium processing:Approved for 3 years.


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Hi all,

This forum has helped me a lot .I thank all the people who posted there experinces.

Here is the info i wanted to share.

H1 B applied under regular processing on Dec21-2011.Case status didnt appear online until i converted it to premium processing on Jan5.

My employeer(North Carolina) field regualr processing in Vermont center however the case was tranfered to CA center(i think bcz my LCA had work location as CA.not sure).After getting the recipet on dec 25 2011 they sent a premium processing request to vermont service center by mistake and it took 1 month for them to get back the check.

On jan 5 my employeer sent another PP request to CA center and got recipet on Jan6.

I was able to track the case on the USCIS tracking system on 6th.

On Jan 13th 2012 my case was approved for 3 years and my employeer got an email of approval from USCIS.

I work under EVC model and the first time when i field H1 in Jan 2011 i got only for 1 year.

Hope this helps.Good luck!

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