Tracking all 221(g) ottawa on Jan 17


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Hello All, I attended interview on Jan 17 at 8.00 AM .I got 221(G). Here is the details.

Initially they took my DS-160, I-797, Consular letter and client letter. After 30 Min they called me for interview.

VO: What you do in USA?

Ans: I am a XXX working for XXX on H1B.

(I am continuing explaining..he asked below question)

VO: You work full time for this company (He is looking in to my I-797)

Ans: Yes.

VO: How long you are working to this company?

Ans: Since XX.

VO: What was your previous company?

Ans: XXX

VO:You work for client?

Ans: Yes. I work for XXX.

VO:Can i see client letter?

Ans: I already sumitted.

VO: Is ther any vendor?

Yes: Yes. XXXX is the Vendor.

VO: Can you spell it?

ANs: (I spelled,he noted down.)

Then he read the letter and went to other VO sitting next to him and came back after a minute.

VO: Can i get your I-129,LCA and1 Year paystubes?

Ans: SUbmitted

VO: Do you submitted your vendor letter too?


VO: Can you give vendor letter?

Ans: Submitted vendor letter too.

He given 221(g) white slip and told he will update next week.

He really didn't asked much. Looks like he prepared to give 221(g). I am the second guy in line with token number 2. But they called me after 10-12 people.

I checked with some other people who attended interview at the same time. Looks like people in EVC model mostly got 221G. Please update this post if any one is on the same boat.


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