221g - no slip given - Delhi - passport not returned


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Mine is similar to yours but an old case. I along with my wife attended visa interview for H1b/H4(EVC model) on 09/30/2011 at Hyderabad, AP. At the end of the interview, the VO acknowledged our visa is approved, retained our passports along with H1b,I-129,LCA's,client letters pay stubs etc and expected to receive our passports by 10/07/2011. Its already 139 calendar days ever since our passports were retained by VO. At the time of interview, we haven't received any 221g slips what so ever. But on 10/18/2011, when we enquired about our case with US consulate via email, they replied us saying my case implicitly went into admin processing and issued us case#. The case# started displaying under pending or refused visas since last month. Till today we have made a number of enquiries with VFS helpline, US consulate, DOS and received same standard replies and on the top of it I have made a senatorial and congressional enquiries but not been much of a progress made only to receive same standard replies.

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