Urgent!! H4 Approved on Maiden Passport. Now need to change name on passport


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Hi All,

I am on H1-B Visa and currently working in US. My wife has received her H-4 visa successfully and she is currently in India. She has received the H-4 visa stamp on her old passport with her maiden name. Now we plan to change her maiden name to my last name on her passport. My question is :

1. When we change her name on the passport, does the H-4 visa get void or is it still valid?

2. If it is not valid, can we get her name changed once she is in US at the Indian consulate in New York?

Please advise.

Thank you.



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She can come to US and change her passport and it will not invalidate her visa. I myself did that. They stamp the first page of passport stating passport not valid but all valid visas in it are still valid and will also give you a new passport. You just have to carry both passports whenever you need to.

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