Eb3 to Eb2 and Interfiling


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What's the correct procedure for interfiling i.e. asking USCIS to approve pending EB3 485 on approval of I140 in EB2...?

Some people say create service request and some say, wait for 60 days before calling USCIS.

Is there a letter we need to send to USCIS for 485 approval or just walk in to USCIS local office and inquire about 485 once 140 is approved in EB2 with EB3 priorty date...?

Lawyers/gurus please share your views.

Appreciate the responses.

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Yes, you need to request for it in a formal letter, this is no designated form for it. It can also me done via email to TSC and NSC.

Technically, you done neet to do interfile, but you will be wasting lot of time waiting and waiting. Interfiling is FREE and does not hurt you other than expediting you 485.

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although google will get you many formats, here is what i used... good luck

Things to do:

1. CPC Code break up for PFX

2. PFX revised estimation for George Lentek

3. SmartDocSync - Fix

4. Office 2010 - Document

Dear Immigration Officer,

I am writing to formally request that you apply a recently approved I-140 immigrant petition to the pending I-485, Application for Adjustment of Status, that are pending with your Service on behalf of myself and my wife. Our adjustment of status applications were filed with your Service on August 8, 2007 based on an approved I-140 petition in the Employment-Based 3rd preference. On January 5, 2012, your Service approved a newly filed I-140 petition filed by my sponsoring employer, Yada Yada Software, Inc., in the Employment-Based 2nd preference.

Since my priority date is current under the EB2 preference category, I make this formal request to apply the new visa petition to my pending adjustment of status application, thus making me and my wife immediately eligible for approval.

I have enclosed copies of our I-485 receipt notices, as well as a copy of the recently approved I-140 petition.

We greatly appreciate your assistance in this matter.

Thank you,



i sent it to EBUPDATE.TSC@uscis.dhs.gov; TSC.NCSCfollowup@uscis.dhs.gov

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I would call the 1-800 number and make a service request.

It is not a bad idea to wait for 30 or so days after the new petition is approved before making the request, especially, if you have indications to think that the USCIS will interfile automatically. Reasoning behind it is that your petition may be already on its way to adjudicator, and when you make a service request, it gets yanked out of that queue to be looked at, so a SR may theoretically increase your wait time.

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EB3 to EB2 porting is compelted for me.

I have opened an SR and the customer representative confirmed that my new EB2 is connected to existing 485. How long do we need to wait to get reposne from USCIS. I had given my contact details and email address, but didn't get any email till now for the SR update.

Apprecite your responses.



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