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Planning to go for H1B VISA stamping without Client Letter

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I am in H1B, working in company “FannieMae” as a contractor. (Model: Myself->My Employer->Prime Vendor->FannieMae). I need to go India for some personal problems in next month, and I have to go for H1B stamping since I have only I797 approval. I am sure that my client “FannieMae” doesn’t provide any letter for my visa stamping, but my prime vendor and my employer will provide such a letter, Now my question is: What are all the chances that I can get h1b stamping without client letter ? Prime vendor letter is enough or Client letter is must? Please tell me what can I do better to get Visa stamp? And also suggest me the alternatives I can go for? Please share your experiences if you are in same boat?

Thank you very much in advance, looking forward for your replies.

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Please make sure you have the client letter with you while attending the interview. Please push your client to provide one and tell them that it is one of the mandatory documents. From what I have seen in there forums or through my friends is it is a bit difficult to get your visa approved without a client letter. In such case (without a client letter), please ask them to provide some kind of letter/email conversation showing that they will not provide client letters.

Also, people who do not have client letters, are mostly opting for either Canada/Mexico. But, in India it is very rare case to get approved as if you are a consultant VO's here are concerned more about Employer/Employee relationship and Client letter is the most important letter which shows that they do not have influence in terms of your employment.

Please do some more research and move forward. All the Best

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could you please let me know what was the status when you visted consulate for VISA??


I am in the same boat  so thought of taking your advise.




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