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Here is my situation:

I have an I-140 approved from a fortune 50 company (Company A). Currently I work for Company B. My 6 year H1 expires in Oct 2012. But in Feb 2011, I moved to Company B and got the H1 extended through Jan 2014 because of the approved I-140. In Nov 2011, my priority date became current. But company B has not started the green card process yet.

My questions are:

  • I would like to go back to Company A – if I apply for H1 transfer to Company A, will I get 3 year extension although my priority date is current? Or will I get only 1 year extension?
  • Suppose I stay with Company B and apply for I-485 with Company A and if it gets rejected( preparing for the worse), will my H1 still be valid until Jan 2014?.....assuming that Company B hasn’t started the green card process.

Your reply is greatly appreciated.

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