Travel after Applying for I -485/EAD/AP


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I am on H1B visa with valid stamping until Apr 25 2012.

My priority date is current now and I would be applying for i 485/ EAD and Advance parole in this week ( Jan 20-2012)

I need to travel out of US to Europe for about 2 weeks for my work and was wondering if I can travel while waiting for my EAD/AP approval.

The 485/ EAD forms have field for my latest I -94 number.

If i provide the latest one I have now ( NOv 3 2011) to apply

and in 4 weeks when i travel and come back i may have a new I-94 number.

Will having a new I-94 number create any issue?

Thank you for the response

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I actually have the same question. I need to travel to AUS for 4 weeks on business in March. I am not yet current (May 2010 PD) but if I become current in March VB, can I travel after I apply for the I485/EAD/AP? I was thinking if I travel after I485 is applied without AP approval, the application is taken as being abandoned as it is an AOS application. Is that correct?

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