EB2 - Job description and experience letter variance


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Appreciate your expert opinion....

I had been an Oracle analyst (no code development) in the last 4 years and an Oracle support/developer for 2 years prior to that...Now, I just realized my desi consulting company have posted the ad with developer category description....seems a generic ad for all and cannot be specific as per individual .......Though everything falls under the Oracle domain but the role has been different....Would this variance between the job description as developer in different technologies (j2ee, oracle) and experience letter (Oracle analyst in various modules) cause havoc during I-140? What are the chances of audit and potential questions/RFE.....any advice on the level of cross-verification done by USCIS? PERM is about to be filed. Your feedback would help if I need to start thinking about changing employer to avoid risk but being the 6th year running short of time...

Thank you very much!

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