H1B extension after I-140 approval


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I recently applied for my H1B extension after I got my I-140 approval. So, instead of getting 3 yrs of extension (as everyone is saying) I got extension till the end of 2012. My regular six years of H1B will be completed in March 2013.

Can anyone tell me that is it possible that one can not get 3 yrs of extension after I-140 approval? OR I wil get 3 yrs of extension only after completing 6 yrs of H1B perion.

Thanks a lot in advance..

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Generally, having an approved I-140 petition only means that the petitioner can request up to a three year H1B extension. The USCIS is not required to approve the petition for the full duration requested. USCIS has increasingly approved petitions for shorter durations where the supporting evidence provided with the petition does not demonstrate that the position and/or project is likely to continue for the full duration requested.

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