W2s Inconsistent with prev employer, will it be a problem if I file GC with new employer?

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Hello Murty attorneys and knowledgeable members

I have a question related to Green Card. I have worked with an employer X from 2006 to 2009. When I applied for H1 extension, it was rejected and I had no other option other than leaving the country and coming back on H4. While I was working from 2006 to 2009 I faced several bad circumstances like going through a car accident, recession etc and because of which my W2s are very inconsistent. Sooo inconsistent that one of my W2s have just 15k and one has 40k whereas in LCA the amount was mentioned as 65k. Now after all these years, I want to get back to work since I still have 3 years in my H1. This time I will be working with another employer Y. With employer Y, I want to file GC in EB2 as I have 2 years of experience in India, 1 year of Co-Op exp in US and 3 years of H1 exp. So I guess I qualify for applying GC in EB2. My husband already applied for GC one year back. Even though he has more than 7yrs of exp, he had to apply in EB3 due to some odd circumstances and as everybody knows, EB3 is abysmal right now. I don't want to work for 3 more years and then go back not working, as I know how difficult it is once we get a break in our career. So my question is, if I apply in EB2 when I get back to work with employer Y, will I be facing any problems because of my W2s being inconsistent with employer X? Will they check that my W2s are consistent with the current employer or will they check for all my W2s in US? Other than my W2s being inconsistent, I paid my taxes on time etc. If they check my previous W2s, at what stages in GC processing do they check about that. It would be really helpful if somebody give me some credible advice on this one. I am going to have a baby and I have to do this for my baby's future. So please any credible information would help me.

Last but not least, I want to take a moment here and thank all the active and knowledgeable members of thsi forum and murthy attorneys who help people with questions and show them a ray of hope. Thank you all. Awaiting ur answers.

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Thanks Pontevecchio

Yes I do have BTech and I was working even while I was studying my BTech for 2 yrs and I came to do my MS, and I worked for one year on Co-Op program (I couldn't finish my MS as I was on H1B already by the time I had to finish my exit requirement and the university wanted me to change my status again, which was not possible that time ) and then worked for 3 years on H1B. So I guess this qualifies me for EB2.

Regarding the Inconsistency in my W2s, I would appreciate if more suggestions are provided instead of talk to an attorney. There will be somebody who has gone through this and if they can shed some light on this, it would be a great help

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