Recently Promotred - Need Advice reg my upcoming Visa Stamping at Nuevo Laredo


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Hi All,

I was promoted couple of months ago from staff to senior engineer. During the filing of my I-129 petition my job title was "Staff XXX Engineer". I have my ASC and USC appointments at Nuevo Laredo, Mexico on Jan 16th and Jan 17th, respectively. When requested for employment verification letter my employer connsulted with our immigration attorney and he expressed concern about my recent promotion. The attorney advised the HR that my H1B needs to be re-filed with my new job title before I go foor visa stamping. Please advice me if any of you guys/gals experienced the same.

Case Details:

Full time employee with a major american firm

Never out of status

Working on H1B since Oct 2006

Second Visa Stamping

PERM approved. I-140 will be filed in couple of weeks

I would certainly appreciate any valuable input into my case.


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