H1B Transfer when nearing 6 years limit


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I am currently on H1B visa and trying to change employers. Can you please be advice me if it is possible based on my situation below

1) Have been in USA with Employer A since March 2006. My 6 years limit will sometime be in June 2012.

2) My Green Card is being processed in EB3 category and I-140 is approved. I have done by H1B extension based on approved I-140 and my H1B petition is valid until March 2014.

3) However, I DO NOT HAVE my I-140 approval document as my Employer will not share it with me.

4) I just have my I-140 receipt number and the I-140 application form which has my receipt number, PD, alien number etc...

My questions are

1) Can I move to a new Employer and transfer my H1B?

2) I heard that since I do not have the I-140 approval document, H1B transfer will not work out as USCIS will give the H1B only until June 2012. Is that true?

I would really appreciate if you could help me on the same.



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@Chitown01 - No, it is a MNC...They have policies and procedures and hence, do not share the I-140 with Employees. I did talk to my lawyer directly, but no use.

@pontevecchio - Thanks, I checked with a couple of lawyers. They say it should be possible as I have my I-140 Application with my name, receipt #, alient #, PD etc which basically proves that the I-140 and PD is mine. DO you think the application will help?

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