Syphilis Positive

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I am in really bad situation and tested positive for syphilis. This is very embarassing situation as well as shocking. The form I-693 has check box which says no A or B condition exists and also Class A condition and Class B condition.

I have started treatment which takes about two weeks, I am wondering if after the treatment whether the USCIS doctor will mention no A or B condition exists.

I am really worried because it may lead to inadmissibility and consequently rejection in green card.

Please help I am going thru sleepless nights and worst phase of my life.

My green card is employment based if anyone who had this experience or knowledge please respond.


Om Sai Ram

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State lab results showed negative syphilis as well so I am relived. Civil surgeon signed off the I-693 with No A or B condition exists remark.

Thanks all for the support this shows that you can be tested false positive so don't loose hope. I had several sleepless nights and countless useless thoughts but I am relived now.

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I am so glad that you finally got to know that its negative. I only can understand when i went through similar pain (but not as much as you) when my skin test was positive for TB. Though the X-Rays showed negative(this happens with most of the folks and i came to know only after my ordeal). I appreciate you for hanging in there and going in for second opinion. Congratulations.

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