COS to L2 when L1 extension is already filed


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I am currently on L1 that is valid till Mar-2011 as per the visa stamp. My i-94 is valid till feb-2013.

My company has filed for my L1 extension last month only and its under processing.

My husband is on L1 that is valid till june-2013. We both work in the same company.

My employer is asking me to go back to India as my project is getting over.

However, I am planning to file COS to L2 so that i can stay here with my hubby.


1) Can I revoke my L1 extension or my company has to do it?

2) What happens to L1 extensions if I file for COS to l2

3) Can I myself file the form i539 for COS to L2 or it has to be done by my hubby's company

4) At what point shud I resign from my current L1 job when I file COS to L2

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