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i am working for a company and filed for h1-b and got approved for 3 yrs. And some reasons i have quit my job from client.

Now the employer is saying that my H1-b is revoked by him . and its been long time i am not having the job . ( 2 months). i am trying to get back to him with the apologizing that i quit it for the personal problems.

what can i do now for my status to maintain? I'm trying to get the new employer , and my question is will the new employer able to apply for new h1 as my old employer is saying that my h1 b is revoked.

will that be possible to new employer to apply for new H1-B ?

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Ordinarilly, an H1B worker falls out of status as soon as he/she resigns. A new petitioner can certainly file a petition for this individual, but would generally either need to file a straight petition, meaning the foreign national would need to return to his/her country of origin before reentering in H1B status; or, the petitioner could file the case nunc pro tunc, requesting the status be retroactively granted.

I recommend you contact an attorney as soon as possible.

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