Am I eligible to go to Canada for H1 Stamping?? Please Help


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Hi ,

I am a FTE of a fortune 500 company and started working there in Dec 2011.

This is my last 1.5 yr of 6yr H1b and my previous H1 stamping expired in September 2010. Also my I94 is expired. I always had approved I 797 and was never out of status(according to me out of status is basically having all pay stubs and have approved I797????).

Does the above scenario makes me ineligible for stamping in CA. Below is what i found Just not sure.

Really need some expert opinion. Thanks In advance :)

You can go to have visa stamping in Canada or mexico if you were never out of status.You can use the I-797 , I-94 form, EAD card, Paystubs etc to prove your status.

if you cannot prove that you are in status or were actually out of status , you need to go to your home country for visa stamping.

If you've ever been out of status because you overstayed your Visa or I94, you are not eligible to apply in Canada or Mexico.

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