I485 with shoplift dismissed case.


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Hi All, It was shameful event; but i was charged with shoplift. The case has been dismissed because i was sent to diversion program. I wasn't convicted for charge. Now my priority date is current, and my employer is ready for applying AOS. But I believe i still have to say 'yes' to some criminal background question in form. Can you please share your knowledge if you/your known-one come across this kind of situation; whether I will have any trouble getting EAD and then GC? Is there any thing I can be prepared with to face it?

Thanks, Lisa.

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It won't be an issue, but you need to answer the question correctly and truthfully. If you want to keep the matter confidential, you may want to hire your own attorney. Criminal matters usually require a good attorney to go over your documents and give the most appropriate anwers.

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