H1B 7th Year Extension - I-140 approved


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My 6 year H1B visa expired on Sep 14th 2011, and my employer filed H1B extension on April 2011 and got RFE in July 2011 for I-94 card and Lawyer immediately replied with the I-94 card. After that, I am waiting on H1-B extension.

My background is:

My I-140 was approved in Dec 2010 with the same company. But, it so happened that they applied my I-140 with the name of company like - Company New York Inc. and it was approved in Dec 2010 and then in April 2011, they change the name to Company Inc. and they applied for new I-140 in Sep 2011 and it got approved on 12/6/2011. I asked my lawyer today and they told that my old I-140 was amended.


1. As my new I-140 was approved in Dec 2011 and H1B extension was filed in April 2011, Will I get approval for my H1B extension, if my old I-140 (Company New York Inc.) is amended ?

2. If my old I-140 is not valid, then will it impact H1B extension even though if I have approved I-140 from the current company (Company Inc.) ?

3. How long can one wait for the decision of H1B extension ? I am thinking to put my application to premium processing. Please can anyone reply?

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