Apply for GC while on OPT

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I have completed my Masters for Fall 2010 and I am currently working as a consultant for an employer. I still have my OPT valid until May 2013.

1) I wanted to know if I can start my GC process through another employer different from the one I am currently working for.

2) Also, will apply in the above discussed way be beneficial or difficult to get the process started

3) What kind of queries or difficulties would I be facing

I would appreciate if someone can help me with these questions.


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Hello Sreeram I am also having the same question and also fall in similar category as yours but I have finished my Masters in May 2011 and I am on my 1st year of OPT which will end @ June 2012 and will be extended till Nov 2013. I also want to change my employer as and start my process, I working with my current employer since 6 months or so. Members of Murthy Law Firm please give the information of pros and cons as I want to apply my GC asap as it takes time to obtain one. Thanks In Advance.

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