When to Port Prority Date from EB3 to EB2 (within same company)

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I have 11 years of total IT experience and joined this company in 2007. My first PERM (EB3 category) was mailed to USCIS on May 2009 and approved on February 2010, then I-140 (EB3 category) was mailed to USCIS on March 2010 and I-140 was approved on May 2010.

In 2011, my company has moved to a new facility/building and I have also promoted with salary increase in the same year.

My company lawyer recommended re-filing PERM under EB2 category with these changes (office address, job title & salary increase).

The lawyer has mailed PERM(EB2) to USCIS with these changes last month(December 2011) and waiting for the approval.

Last week, USCIS has released Feb2012 visa bulletin and India-EB2 category date has moved to 01.Jan.2010


1) Can I use my first PERM (EB3 category) priority date for EB2?

2) If yes, Can I file both I-140(EB2) & Form I-485(EB2) together once the new PERM(EB2) has approved?

3) In general, When should we port the old priority date (in PERM filing or I-140 filing or in I-485)?

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