H1 visa stamping in 7th yr extension based on approved I140


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Hello all,

I thought it would be helpful for everybody if we share experience regarding H1 stamping IN 7th yr based on approved I140.

My situation:

I am in 7th yr of H1 now and my I140 is approved. My prior visa stamp in passport expired 7/11. My PD is not current but many months away from current bulletin. I am planning to go for a H1 stamping next month.

Could you share your experiences if you are in same boat?

I am concerned that recent 221(g) refusals/delays have increased in south india.

Is it better to attend in Canada than India?

I really appreciate your help.


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Hi Everyone,

I'm on my 7th year of H1B and have an approved I-140 through my previous employer. Not sure if they have revoked the approved 140. My current employer has not started the GC process yet. I'm planning to go to India and get H1B stamping (first time). Could you please let me know if vo will ask for I-140 since I'm on 7th year? If so, will they accept the I-140 approved through my previous employer?

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