GC app for aunt_can she continue to travel on tourist visa?

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My parents and I are citizens and we'd like to apply for a GC for my aunt, who is an Indian citizen and currently resides in India. She is 65 years old. Does it make a difference (read, easier/somewhat beneficial) who applies for her GC - my mother (her sister) or me (her neice)?

Also, my aunt, has a valid US tourist visa (for another 4 years). We have heard that a GC for a family member from India may take up to 10 years time to be approved. Till that time, can my aunt continue to travel without any entry problems into the US on her valid tourist visa? Her visits are usually 1-3months long.

And, once her US tourist visa expires (2016), can she apply for/renew her tourist visa, if she is currently in the GC processing line? Does one application negate or impact another? Her long-term intent would be to live in the US with us, but until she gets her paperwork, she'd like to continue visiting us for short periods of time.

Thank you, in advance, for any information on this subject.

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