H1B extension Regular processing ***September***-Vermont


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Hi All,

My H1B petition got approved after a long wait. Received email from attorney office with copy of approval notice. Online status is still in initial review.

Here are my details:

Receipt Date: Sep 15 2011.

Regular H1B extension at Vermont center.

Status - Approved

Approval Date: 31 Jan 2012

Email received date : 2 Feb 2012

All the best to everyone.

Thanks for all members for posting their status, which helped me keep track of current processing dates.



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Hi I got my H1 extension approved on Jan 27.

My receipt date is september 19 2011. Now the status is post decision activity.

best of luck to you all :)

Hi gspb,

Did you get your I797 approval notice(hard copy), If u got it , how long did it take?

Mine is approved on 17th Jan and still waiting for I797. Even my company attorney didn't receive it

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Hi All,

Receipt notice : Sep 22 2011

Type : Regular H1B extension after I140 at Vermont center.

Approval Date : Feb. 02, 2012 and got I797 on Feb. 7

H4 extention is still in review. Receipt notice : Feb. 03, 2012.

Since H1 got approved before H4 filing, any idea about processing time for H4.


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hi it took 18 days to get my approval hard copy of I 797. Mine was aproved on Jan 27 2012 and I got the copy yesterday.

my petition was filed on sep 19 2011 aproved on jan 27 2012. its taking mininum of 2-3 weeks to get the aprovals hard copy in on average from


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To Giles and all

Thank you for everything.

Receipt Date - sep 9 2011. (after an approved I140 after 6 yrs on H1B)

Approved On - Feb-16-2012

Emailed Received on - Feb-16-2012

thanks to everyone for the support. Good luck to everyone, Looks like patience is the key. They are taking time but certainly working on processing our applications. Peace!

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