H1B extension Regular processing ***September***-Vermont


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Receipt Date: Sep 9 2011.

Regular H1B/H4 (after I140 Approval post 6 years) extension at VSC.

Status - Initial Review (as on Jan 9 2012)

Does anyone know if we can extend the driver's license by showing a photocopy (not the original receipt) of the receipt? Please respond. Thank you.

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Hello All,

My employer applied for H1B extension in regular process for me.

Here are my details:

Receipt Date: Sep 26 2011.

Regular H1B extension at Vermont center.

Status - Initial Review (as on Jan 10 2012)

Did anyone get the approval whose application was received in the month of Sep'11.


Kumar K

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Hi GC_Aspirant.

Thank you for the posts. Did you try to extend your expired license with a copy of your receipt or did you try to obtain a DL for the first time using your receipt? Please clarify.

I've the original DL and need to extend it before it expires on Feb 2 using a photocopy of the receipt.


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Hello All,

I got a mail last night as my first time H1b Extension is approved.

Here are my details:

Receipt Date: Sep 7 2011.

Regular H1B extension at Vermont center.

Status - Post Decision Activity

Approval Date: 23 Jan 2012

Email received date : 24 Jan 2012 Saying approved and sent a letter.

I think maximum time they are taking is 140 days. Good Luck to all.



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To Ssrimal

Were you able to extend/renew your driver's license?

Fortunately my DL expires in 2014. It depends on state..I have read somewhere in the forum that people have managed to renew it temporarily..Also if you can take your receipt notice and a printout of processing time https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/processingTimesDisplay.do they might hear you..Good Luck!


If yes, what paper did you use to extend the DL?

Also, how long is your DL extended for (if it is renewed).

My receipt date is Sep 9 and there's no news yet. I need to renew my DL soon.



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