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Hello Experts,

Your expertise is requested in my 485 filing:

1) My original Indian passport (Pre marriage) had Given name: "Maiden Name" "First Name" Surname (Last Name): was Left Blank. I couldn't afford to go through the pain of going back to the passport office to get it corrected.

2) This resulted in my first U.S Visa (H4) with Surname: "Maiden Name" "First Name" and the Given name: As "FNU" (I think this means Full Name Utilized, this is my guess)

3) After coming to USA, I applied for new passport at Indian Embassy to carry over "Marriage Name" as my New Surname. I still mentioned my Given name: "First Name" omitting the Maiden Name. This got me a new passport with Surname : Marriage Name and Given name: "Maiden Name" "First Name"

4) Then I had H4 visa stamping two times that got me my Surname and Given names as Marriage Name and "Maiden Name""First Name" respectively.

5) Now I am at the stage of applying for I-485 and all that stuff. I don't have a birth certificate yet but in the process of obtaining it.

a) I am sure I will get my birth certificate (BC) with actual Given Name: "First Name" and Surname: "Maiden Name" because that's

what is shown in all my education documents.

b) I am not sure if my BC is registered with in the first year of my birth. If not, the registration will be this year.

c) I am also planning to get affidavits from my parents and two other relatives testifying my birth place, date and the names as follows:

Given name: "First Name" Surname:"Maiden Name" (Pre Marriage)

Given name: "Maiden Name" "First Name" Surname:"Marriage Name" (As per renewed passport)

Given name: "First Name" Surname:"Marriage Name" (Name after marriage, No Maiden name)

saying it all refers to the same person.

6) Now my question is, in filling I-693, I-485, I-131 & I-765, should I still use my Given name: "Maiden Name" "First Name" or can I just use my actual Given name: "First Name" omitting the "Maiden Name"

7) I am thinking this is my chance to get my Given name corrected to my actual "First Name" using the BC & affidavitis. Can I proceed with making this change or will that cause any delays/RFEs in the process.

Your timely help is greatly appreciated.


GC Aspirant.

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