canada or chennai for h1B stamping?


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Hello xperts,

am in confusion whether to go Canada or Chennai for my first time F1-H1 stamping.....

many of the forum posts says Canada is most rate of success, but am just wondering , the one who are getting successful stamping in Canada are so far Clean(without any issues like missing pay stubs, W2 issues, employer with DOL Complaints?

for me , its a missing W2 am just wondering ...if choosing canada now is safer or not..

please share your thoughts.

As of now am planning to attend chennai in Feb.



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Thanks for the replies.... but even though we have issues with W2, will that be overlooked in Canada? are there any such kind of visa stamping experiences...please share your exp that helps many....

@ kumar_grr

when n where r u planning for now? i may have to go back to india if not stamped..but willing to attend ottawa conuslate...

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