March Bulletin predictions


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I would suggest to be optimistic and get the documents ready. You can't predict whats gonna happen. it moved almost 30 months in 4 bulletins. Your PD is 20 months away from the current date. Atleast get BC and Medical Docs ready and hope it moves another 2 years in next few bulletins before they retrogress. Gives you an opportunity to file and get EAD/AP atleast.

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I would recommend the same, u can get the immigration medicals done in 3 days, no need to waste money in a haste. I would rather suggest gathering the other documentation such as Birth certificate, affidavits if needed to support the birth registration, marriage certificate etc. Trust me July 2011 is not a long wait, there are users in this forum who have been waiting for an eternity. You should consider yourself lucky that the dates are moving much faster.

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