Merida, Mexico H1b Renewal


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Hello all

I have been to Merida for my stamping on 01/19/2012 and got ny visa renewed. Here is the process.

1) I have booked my apointment for ASC on 01/18/2012. I went there 15 min advance and they let me in. Here they check your DS160 form, Passport, I-797 form, I-129 forms and finally the visa payment receipt. Once you have all these documents they let you in and take your fingerptints and also your Photo.

2) My US consulate appointment was on 01/19/2012 at 11:00 AM. I went there around 10:35 am and they let me in. Once you enter you have to go to the desk in ther hall and there the person gives you a token number and then let you in. In the inner hall you will be called to the visa counter when your token number is displayed. Here there will be two steps:

Step 1: First time the visa officer will check your documents and make some notes. Then the officer gives back all your documentation, incuding the passort and then ask you to wait in the main hall.(the same hall where you get the token).

Step 2: Then you will be called again (with the same token) and this time you will have real interview. The visa office will check all your documents and will ask you more questions. If everything is fine your visa will be granted and she asked me to collect the passport same day at 4:00 PM.

That is it.

Good luck

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we need Mexican travel visa

I carried all the documents (H1B set, I-129, I 797, employement verification letter, client letter, bank statements,Previous W-2, tax returns, and what not). The VO didn't check any of these. I had a clean history though :-). I didn;'t change employer since 2006.

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Hi Madhu, Nrkam1, Srikanth, Stark , Catchmeagain.. can you please share your recent stamping experiences.. (like documents VO is looking n Que's, travel plans and accommodation in Merida.. etc)

I am also planning to goto renewal stamping in Merida in April 2nd week. I am in also in EVC model. Is anyone asking for H1B amendment?

Also my 1st H1B visa expired last yr September. Do I need to take Mexico travel Visa?

Pls share/send a personal mail to sk1600@gmail - ( myusername@gmail)..



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