Please advise on my I140 denial


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Hi ALl,

My I140 denied due to below words in PERM H .14 block. and I appealed . please advise me what could be the result?

PERM - Part H.14

"* Cobination of degree is allowed will accept Bachelor's degree or its equivalent , including but not limited to 4 years of post secondary eduation not necessarily earned at a single institution and not necessarily resulting in a single 4 year Bachelor's Degree.

Denial Notice said:

rt H item 14 was wrong thats what they are thinking...

8B.Bachelor's Degree or its equivalent. Combination of Degree is allowed.

"Part H item 14 of ETA Form 9089 states that , at a Minimum, something other than a four-year bachelor's degree and five years of progressive experience in the specialty is acceptable"

so the position does not need advanced degree or Bachelor with 5 years exep.

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The poition described did not meet the statutory requirements for anything but EB-3 skilled or "other" worker. What was requested?

Your employer who filed the appeal wasted his/her money if the I-140 requested something else.

IF the appeal was filed by YOU (the beneficiary) THEN it MUST be denied/rejected for lack of standing to file an appeal.

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This was applied for EB2 and my employer appealed.

they are saying to cover my qualification ( 3years BSC+2 year Masters) they added that line.

is it some thing they applied like this for denial?

Do they have a lawyer? It doesn't look like it. A competent lawyer wouldn't have put that line in there.

I agree with BigJoe5. An appeal is a waste of time, effort and money.

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