L1 to H1-B with COS


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Hello Friends,

I was initially on H1 B from JUL 2007 - May 2009. Then Went Back to India and the Visa Expired.

Then came back on L1B in Oct 2009 and have visa valid till Sep 2012 and I94 till Apr 2014.

A new company Y is approaching for a h1b visa now. Can I have my visa change from L1 B to H1 B with COS? Would this be under cap-exempt?

Can company Y apply for a cap exempt or should they go for a fresh H1B?

As my L1 B expires in Sept 2012 can I work for them on Fresh H1 B which would start in Oct I guess.

Pls advice I am in a soup.

Thanks in advance.

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