Jan 23rd visa stamping date in vancouver,Canada


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I am going to h1b renewal stamping to Vancouver, CA on Jan 10th @ 9:30 PM, 2012 .. Please let me know if anyone is going there on that day ..

I'm starting from Seattle and planning to drive. Please let me know anyone interested to share accommodation at Vancouver.

I didn't book any accommodation and I'm ready to share with someone.

Please email me at jags2345 at google gmail dot com extension.

Thank you.

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Its takes two days .

One day to go and submit the documents .

next day to collect passport with collect visa stamped.

some insights .

You need to go to this address: Ste 600, 1501 4th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101

1. Building will come in your right side, outside the building à 1501 will be written above the main entry.

2. Get on to the escalators in front (you will see as you enter the building)

3. After that you need to take Elevators to go to 6th floor (Elevators will be in left side)

4. After reaching 6th floor take right turn and enter into Canada Consulate

5. Immediately take the Token number from the machine by pressing Button 1 (Be fast as your turn depends on what token number you have)

6. Your token will called by display with Window number

7. Submit the documents in that windows

8. Again your token will be called for Fee deposit

9. Pay the fee

10. You are good to go for day and you need to come back next day for taking your passport.

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I have appointment in Vancouver on Jan 21st, and I will be reaching there on 20th. I need a shared accommodation starting from Jan 20th. If anybody has room to share or interested in sharing a room, please email me to the email address I have in my profile page. Thank you.

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