on L1 for 3 years got I140 approved now on H1 expiry 2013


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i am with company A, i am came on L1 and then did L1 extension (total L1 - 3 years). started GC got my i140 approved (6 months completed with company A). recently i moved to H1 with my I140 from A company.

wht will happen now if i switch to company B?

how long i will get my H1 transfer applied by company B?

will my expiry date remain same as company A 's H1.

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Based on the information provided, one would be entitled to a total of 6 years in the US based on the combined time in L1 and H1B. However, if one has an approved I-140 petition and their priority date is not current, then they can apply for H1B extensions in 3 year increments. If the I-140 sponsoring employer withdraws the I-140 petition, then it can no longer be relied on for the extensions.

Please consult directly with a qualified immigration attorney to discuss your case in detail.

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